Month: May 2013

Debugging tools for OpenGL in XCode

Development / iOS

My first iOS app has some UI elements that use OpenGL. It’s been interesting learning to optimise this particular part of the app for 60fps (60 frames per second) rendering. You hear 60fps being talked about a lot with iOS UI development, and there is very good reason for this. If what you are doing animates in response to touches, 60fps updates are essential to avoid it feeling laggy. Apple spent a lot of time […]

Podcasts for iOS developers making their own apps

Business / iOS

Honestly, I never used to listen to podcasts until about a year ago. I suddenly found that I did have the time to listen to content as I started going to the gym, and I realised how incredibly valuable the content could be. I’m listening to quite a few at the moment centred around iOS development, design and business. I cannot recommend enough that you pick up some of these and listen regularly if you […]