Month: May 2018

Hacking my shell prompt so I make fewer mistakes working with Xcode projects

Development / iOS

Making mistakes is how we learn. But not all mistakes are equal, and making the same one over and over is not learning. Often I run two or more different Xcode builds on the same machine, either because a client project can’t yet build on the latest Xcode release, or because we’re in a new Xcode beta period. Of course I forget which one I am running, especially if switching between projects multiple times in […]

Flint’s new Feature Constraints DSL


Flint is our open source framework for tackling a lot of Apple platform boilerplate code. One of the many powerful things it gives you is support for Conditional Features in your apps. You define how your feature is toggled on or off, and your code is not allowed to even run the actions associated with the feature unless all those toggles are on. This post is about some great improvements to this mechanism and how […]