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My visit to iOSDevUK 2018

Development / iOS

This year I experienced my first [iOSDevUK conference]( — a conference that takes place by the sea in Aberystwyth in Wales. I really enjoyed myself and the team who put the conference on do a great job. As someone with tricky food needs I particularly appreciated the attention they paid to this!

Curious corners of Swift


There's a weird niche feature of Swift that lets you use didSet on local variables. I found that you can use it to hide implementation details when calling Closure blocks similar to those you would use for a Domain-Specific Language.

Logging in Swift without overhead in production

Development / iOS

I recently wanted to start covering start writing all my new app code in Swift, but hit a big problem: I use CocoaLumberjack everywhere and its not ready for Swift yet. They are working on this right now for a 2.0 release. I checked around github and it seems some good work is being done on this. However the missing piece was very important: because Swift lacks conditional defines and a macro preprocessor, all arguments […]