Overview of the Climate Change hustings in Stroud

I’ve not been to a hustings before, and I thought I’d write up my impressions of it.

The first very significant thing is that in Stroud we have three female candidates and only one male! This is a sign of progress whatever you think of the party policies. Read more →

The Making of Bloop — OMG the logs are too noisy!

The Flint logs in Bloop were too noise, and the fix was easy Read more →

The Making of Bloop – Converting some code to Flint Actions

Starting the process of converting Bloop to use Flint’s Features and Actions pattern Read more →

The Making of Bloop — SwiftUI Shenanigans

Deciding to use SwiftUI for specific areas of Bloop Read more →

Our First Electric Car: A week with a petrol SUV made us yearn for our electric LEAF

This summer we rented a KIA Sportage to drive to our holiday on the South West coast, because our day to day EV car doesn’t have the range for the trip to be easy. We were surprised how disappointing the experience was compared to the EV. Read more →