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My Mac History

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Photo of an original Mac running Through The Looking Glass

Everybody posting their 40th Anniversary of the Mac stories obviously prompted me to write this, which is a roundabout Mac journey. In hindsight the Mac clearly had its effect on me even when I wasn’t using it… I grew up in Kingston, South West London. Very popular at the time for its affordable/renovatable semi-detached Victorian houses which are now largely unaffordable to normal people. I didn’t know it at the time but I saw what […]

What Apple could learn from Nintendo Switch

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Late to the party, I recently bought a Nintendo Switch for my two daughters, aged 14 and 17, to play some “deeper” games than are available on iOS and because frankly they’ve run out of TV to watch in these trying times and they recently had fun playing a friend's Xbox. The Switch immediately showed me a glaring hole in Apple’s mobile/home ecosystem experience that I really hope they fix by pivoting the Apple TV experience a bit.