We’re all worried that voting Green in Stroud we’ll get a Tory MP again

A lot of people in Stroud are telling anybody who wants to vote Green that they are going to result in us having a Tory MP again.

It seems obvious, until you dig into the facts and the current polling numbers. So I made a short video to explain it to anybody who is concerned. Read more →

Overview of the Climate Change hustings in Stroud

I’ve not been to a hustings before, and I thought I’d write up my impressions of it.

The first very significant thing is that in Stroud we have three female candidates and only one male! This is a sign of progress whatever you think of the party policies. Read more →

The Making of Bloop — OMG the logs are too noisy!

The Flint logs in Bloop were too noise, and the fix was easy Read more →

The Making of Bloop – Converting some code to Flint Actions

Starting the process of converting Bloop to use Flint’s Features and Actions pattern Read more →

The Making of Bloop — SwiftUI Shenanigans

Deciding to use SwiftUI for specific areas of Bloop Read more →