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Animation timings

Design / iOS

Making your animations subtle is very important. This usually means they should be very short, circa 300ms or less. However even a tiny amount of undamped spring means they need more time to feel natural. Perceived smoothness is a function of distance travelled and the frame rate, so the further the total distance travelled (in any direction, e.g. when bouncing on a spring), the longer the animation must be to appear smooth. Even if it […]

Podcasts for iOS developers making their own apps

Business / iOS

Honestly, I never used to listen to podcasts until about a year ago. I suddenly found that I did have the time to listen to content as I started going to the gym, and I realised how incredibly valuable the content could be. I’m listening to quite a few at the moment centred around iOS development, design and business. I cannot recommend enough that you pick up some of these and listen regularly if you […]