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You’ll never believe what held up Soundproof development for months

Back in Spring of 2015 I started doing some work for a new release of Soundproof, my iOS app for music practice. We’d just been through launch in Autumn 2014 having gone through a rapid migration to Xcode 6 and iOS 8. The plan was to add a few little feature enhancements and push out a release.

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AirPods are great but… could be smarter

If you haven’t used AirPods yet, they are very nice compared to previous Bluetooth headphones.

You can pop them in your ear and you hear the “duh dunk” sound as they automatically connect to your phone and start playing whatever you had playing.

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This page contains 0 facts

I had the start of an idea that could be part of the solution for limiting the damage of fake news.

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We need “Protest Mode” on phones

Yes, it’s all very depressing and yet somewhat uplifting at the same time that so many people have the courage to resist what is going on at the moment. This happens a lot around the world, recall the “Arab Spring” was not so long ago, and this is but the most painfully close-to-home incarnation of it in the Western World.

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