Month: April 2013

Why is my button triggering the wrong gesture?


I had a fun little problem in my work-in-progress iOS app recently. The app recognises a pan gesture on the main view, but also has some buttons as subviews of the main view. Think a white rectangle that receives pan gestures, and a UIButton in the middle of that view. Everything worked fine in the simulator. Panning worked. Tapping the button worked. Not so on a real device.

What will Dropbox become?


Dropbox has nothing but a somewhat trusted brand despite repeated password hacks, and a smart filesystem driver/integration, and as a result of this a sizeable user base. Those are all that differentiate it from the army of file sharing web sites that existed prior to it. They do not have a “sync” service, they have a last-write wins distributed filesystem. There is nowhere else to go with the service as it stands. Now Dropbox buys […]