Kids’ App Review: Rom and the Whale of Dreams

I recently started looking for interactive books for iPad to help encourage my youngest daughter to read. Unlike our older daughter she hasn’t got a huge desire to read, but she loves the iPad and … Read more →

A look at Vesper’s UI

So John Gruber and friends released a new iOS app for note-taking called Vesper. You can Google a bunch of reviews and other interesting details about it, and what it does and deliberately does not … Read more →

Status Board for iPad by Panic

What a great surprise app release this is. You may remember that Panic created a storm when they blogged about the internal HTML status board they created for their development team, displayed on the wall … Read more →

Trying out Philips Hue lights

I recently bought a set of Philips Hue LED bulbs to try out. I feel there is some potential for innovative apps for them, so I wanted to use them for a while to get … Read more →