Me: “Why is my SwiftUI view not updating when the model changes?”

The initialisers of Views in SwiftUI have some surprising and obscure behaviours related to state. If you’ve used SwiftUI at all you will likely have discovered this.

In addition, the rules around how properties that are wrapped with Property Wrappers are accessed are interesting when inside the initialiser of the type. It is this latter issue that bit me. Read more →

xCloud and its ilk should never be allowed on the App Store

(Originally posted as a tweet storm, preserved here for those who prefer an old fashioned post)

I think the whole Apple and MSFT xCloud spat is not really much about MSFT and games and content review. It’s about preventing alternative app stores, which is a longstanding App Store rule. Buckle up! 👨‍🚒 Read more →

Remembering Tim Smith of Cardiacs

Today we heard the sad news that Tim Smith passed away. He changed my life in many ways. Read more →

A funny thing happened at WWDC 2019

(Alternative title: concurrency and queueing is hard) Cold pizzas at 4AM, so many queues, dirty cheats, jumping over seats, a touch of chaos and… some famous blood.

What Apple could learn from Nintendo Switch

Late to the party, I recently bought a Nintendo Switch for my two daughters, aged 14 and 17, to play some “deeper” games than are available on iOS and because frankly they’ve run out of TV to watch in these trying times and they recently had fun playing a friend’s Xbox.

The Switch immediately showed me a glaring hole in Apple’s mobile/home ecosystem experience that I really hope they fix by pivoting the Apple TV experience a bit. Read more →