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Is “Unlock Everything” a mistake?

Business / Development / iOS

iOS developers are well aware of the shift in price models away from charging up front, to free with In-App Purchase. I have been pretty resistant to this change, especially in the light of the forthcoming ability to host preview videos on the App Store. The rationale is that getting people to buy your app without evaluating it is a massive hurdle, and a video preview could help with that. Now I find myself having […]

It’s been a while…

Business / iOS

I haven’t written anything for ages. To be fair I have been rather busy, as I am far along my transition from Grails developer to iOS/Mac developer. In addition to doing some work for the BBC on an iPad app prototype, I am also starting a new co-working space in Stroud with my business partner Adam Hinks, a graphic designer who also lives in Stroud. It’s exciting to start a new business and work on […]

Leading horses to water

Apple / Business / Design

There is some real gold in the recently posted full interview with Jony Ive and Craig Federighi in Businessweek. If you’re an Apple follower and have read the Jobs biography you will recall that Steve Jobs was crestfallen about the reaction people had to the iPad announcement.

Podcasts for iOS developers making their own apps

Business / iOS

Honestly, I never used to listen to podcasts until about a year ago. I suddenly found that I did have the time to listen to content as I started going to the gym, and I realised how incredibly valuable the content could be. I’m listening to quite a few at the moment centred around iOS development, design and business. I cannot recommend enough that you pick up some of these and listen regularly if you […]