“Where we’re going, we don’t need… [any road signs]”

The future may well contain fewer signs and billboards. We can hope. It is odd how we worry about being bombarded with ads online but ads already bombard us everywhere in our environment, along with … Read more →

Google’s industrial espionage potential

We all know that Google “reads” all gmail. Let’s assume for now that all commercial Google Apps content is secure and not viewed by Google. What may not have occurred to you is that, like … Read more →

The Microsoft years – don’t be mad John

The real shame is that Microsoft lacked and still lacks taste and design skills in many areas. That created a lost 20 year period for software progress for everybody. Read more →

Let’s quickly bash this one out

“My contract is finished, so we need to crack on and get an app published in the App Store. The problem is that REDACTED which we started last year will take too long to finish, … Read more →

What will Dropbox become?

Dropbox has nothing but a somewhat trusted brand despite repeated password hacks, and a smart filesystem driver/integration, and as a result of this a sizeable user base. Those are all that differentiate it from the army of file sharing web sites that existed prior to it. They do not have a “sync” service, they have a last-write wins distributed filesystem. There is nowhere else to go with the service as it stands.

Now Dropbox buys the iOS Mailbox app, which was previously only for Gmail. Next Yahoo announces it will be integrating Dropbox into Yahoo! Mail to make it easier to transfer large files. Will Dropbox really add their own e-mail service to the Mailbox app? Or will they cut a deal with Yahoo! Mail?