The Making of Soundproof, part 1: iPhone 6 made our huge play button look tiny

Some background: the first release of our [music practice Soundproof]( was “Waiting for Review” in the last week of September when my iPhone 6 arrived. I ran the app on the iPhone 6 and of course got the stretched up iPhone 5 UI. It was OK, but a bit “Duplo” shall we say. Also our very subtle background gradient was being stretched. Nobody else would notice but… there is pride to consider. Read more →

Apple Watch and intimacy

Many people are writing off some of the WATCH features that were demonstrated as pure novelties. I think this is a mistake, if understandable given that these are rather new concepts.

Building a wireless speaker system with just an Apple TV

At our new co-working shared office in Stroud we needed a wireless speaker system that would allow anybody to throw music up onto the speakers from their computer or phone. As it is a new … Read more →


I have a pet peeve relating to online avatars. Faces matter and it amazes me how many people do not get this. So many people fail to set up a Gravatar for themselves, which covers … Read more →

Apple’s new anti-theft measures will cause pain for thousands

Much has been made of Apple not doing enough to prevent the trade in stolen iOS devices. Finally they are doing something about this, but I think it is going to cause a lot of … Read more →