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The Making of Soundproof, part 3: Unlocking features with In-App Purchases

Development / iOS / User Experience

During the process of making Soundproof, we had to consider what the business model would be. I wrote [some early thoughts about pricing]( and talked about some [issues with implementing upgrade pricing with In-App Purchases]( previously. Here, we’ll take a brief look at the experience of implementing In-App Purchases and the user experience.

Proposal: How to bring upgrade pricing to your iOS and Mac apps

Apple / Development / iOS

I was listening to Iterate 67 recently and there was discussion about Readdle‘s apps and how they work together. I was thinking about how they achieve this above and beyond some canOpenURL: smarts, and I presume they are using a shared bundle ID or similar to allow the apps integrate with each other at a deeper level. Somewhat tangentially this got me thinking about a possibility of solving the “there’s no upgrade pricing in the […]